Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | August 10, 2009

What did “being relaxed” ever accomplish?

I’ve had this question about two days ago talking with someone who’d very dear to me.  A simple question, you may think: What did being relaxed ever accomplish?  Aren’t meditations a shear waste of time?

In asnwer to this, here are four key things that you’ll be able to do if and only if you find a way to relax:

  • Being physically relaxed is embodied in the fluidity of dancing and singing.
  • Intellectual relaxation allows us to fall in this flow I was talking about, where answers come to you without you having to strain to think of them.
  • Emotional relaxation is when you can move easily and unencumbered from one feeling to another.
  • Social relaxation allows you to build a rapport with another person without being anxious about where the relationship is going or without fretting about what the other is thinking about you.

Maybe not so useless, huh?


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