Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | November 10, 2009

Hapiness is also who you hang out with

I don’t think it’s been stressed enough how important the environment can be to you.  While you can’t always chose your mood, your limits, etc., you CAN proactively seek environments that bring out the best in you.

How a Person can Make (or Break) your Day

I exeperienced the impact of this by going to class this morning – in a graduate which could be very boring and somewhat conventionally taught (global strategy), I came in tired (it’s an 8h30am class!) and within an hour was engaed and actually feeling quite excited.  Great connection with the teacher who himeself was passionate, and great content to reflect on and generate very interesting discussions (he put a graph on the board and said “so this is a graph.  What can you deduce from this?  what questions does this raise for you?” and then we just went on).

It’s amazing the power that teachers have in our lives, but I’d go further and say that your boss, your peers, etc.  all consistute an opportunity for a turning point when you feel down or don’t have much energy.  Surrounding yourself with those “energizers” is key!


Evaluating Energy Levels

Now what are cues to look for when it comes to picking your environment?  I liked presentor Tony Ryan’s view on it.  He classifies people into three categories when it comes to energy levels: the energy consummers, the enery-neutral and the energy generators.  He looks at it in the professional context, but it’s easy to see how you could easily transport that to the personal environment too.



  • Have a negative view of the world
  • Resent change
  • Use other people’s time excessively
  • Don’t feel good about themselves
  • Appear not to want to improve to the best of their abilities


Energy Neutrals

  • Competent at what they do but willing to examine tasks
  • Good at “maintenance”
  • Capable of improving on their personal best


Energy Creators

  • Always enthusiast and positive (I would say perhaps “proactive” as a substitute)
  • Use critical thinking, imagination, creativity
  • Stimulate and spark others
  • Practice leadership at all levels
  • Are able to use and scrutinize their practice
  • Wish to improve on their previous best


The two questions to ask yourself are then obvious: Which one do I want to be?  And which type would I like to be around most?  I think if you have emotional overexcitability and intellectual overexcitability, this conscious decision is even more important for you to make because that environment can really get you to achieve and create things that are way beyond what you may imagine – and likewise a negative environment can really be more destructive to you compared to non-OE folks since it will be more difficult, feeling the dysynchrony, to achieve those same results.    Although much of our resources come from within us, the external environment can speed up and encourage  our creative process and task-resolution ability or it can slow them down, or hinder them.  Conclusion: chose wisely!  There’s nothing worse than emotional drainage because of energy consummers in your daily life!



  1. I am really enjoying your blog! This article really helps me “get it” about why I feel so frustrated sometimes. As someone with intellectual and emotional oe’s, I just assume that everyone wants to do the very best they can, develop all of their potential , and look for the truth.
    But it isn’t so! Not everyone is like that! I can save myself a lot of frustration if I can learn to identify these people and just accept that they are that way.
    Of course, I am frustrated just thinking about it! 🙂

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