Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | March 27, 2009

Eat. Pray. Love

Everyone I ask tells me the same thing ; The beggining, the Italy part, is fantastic.  The middle is boring….and the end no one knows cauz no one finished. 


What I want to bring up though is the one thing that book has taught me: it’s to basically focus on trying something and being open minded.  Lots of times, as she brings up the guy telling her to sit and smile instead of showing her how to meditate, or when she hugs a tree (literally) or when the woman tells her the spirit for the house is bad and that she needs a bigger house (read: more money)… I kept thinking : THINK, girl, think!!  Don’t fall for it.  I was very very skeptical about half the stuff in there… but it made me realize, with your head on your own two shoulders the whole time, you would never even be ready to write something like she did.  What would there be to tell?  Maybe you live more this way.

So I will take her example for little things of life : suspend judgement as you try new things.


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