Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | March 25, 2009

Cool New Ways of Browsing : Alternatives to Google

I know, I am terrible at loyalty when it comes to sticking with one service or company.  Well actually it is not true — I do still use primarily my favourite search engine (and in general, companies) but I do have a little tendency towards diversification and novelty seeking.  And so it is that I stumbled on these awesome sites that offer an alternative way to search for websites on the net.

Ms Freckles is an insanely smart webpage — you can search for ANYTHING – literally anything – in one click there.  Stocks, blogs, pdf files, anything.  It will even translate stuff for you and help with calculations.  Your convenient one-stop-search!

Quintura for Kids is an awesome website – don’t get fooled by the for kids part.  It helps you find a website by giving you interactive clouds of words and search categories.  No need to type, just put your mouse over the words that look interesting to you and navigate your way to a topic.  It’s great especially when you want to learn something new but you don’t know exactly what you want – a great tool for discovery!  In case you’re wondering, yes there is an adult version of this website.  But the graphism is seriously less cool.

Diigo is a new finding of mine – it is a social network (like facebook, myspace, etc) but it is used to discover and share new websites.  By registering you get to place a toolbar that you can access from your bookmarks menu whenever you would like and you can tag and bookmard and highlight and comment all sorts of pages you like — and then view your friends’ highlights, comments, and choices.  If you intend to have one, don’t hesitate to add me to your profile at — I’d be glad to share links and cool websites, and discover your favorite sites and discoveries!

Three similar sites to expand music and video repetoire are Pandora, Musicovery and Liveplasma — both enable you to search through a map of artists to discover other artists you may be interested in.

If you’re visual like me you’ll love RedZee — it’s a website that uses no writing (except your initial query) and that lets you browse with pictures instead.  Similar is  Kartoo, Cool TorchSearch Cube  Also try Retrievr, which lets you find pictures… by sketching them!  Don’t ask me HOW they managed that – they did!!

Wink People Search, as its name states it, helps you track down long lost friends, or extended family or whatever business contact you had and lost.  To find someone, simply enter their full name, the city and country where they reside(d) and an interest of theirs or the name of their school or company or something… and let Wink do the rest for you!  Although if you are tracking a popular name down, it might be tough.



  1. Also check out our new search engine, Duck Duck Go:

    I’d love to know what you think about.

    Gabriel Weinberg
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  2. Great list of useful sites. Was actually looking for Quintura and landed up on your site. The site before yours was simple awesome. Go and try it out tell you how people are feeling in any country at any particular time. Enjoy

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