Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | January 25, 2009

Fighting inactivity & boredom

Whether it’s because you’re tired, you’re having a blue day or simply run out of ideas, engaging in an activity can help you break off from your mood and bring back excitement in your day. So here is a list of some things you can consider doing alone or with friends or with your loved one when you start feeling like you need to do something.

  1. Let’s learn how to draw something interactively!
  2. Make a poetry magnet poem online :
  3. Go out on a hike, if it’s summer, try bicycle riding, if it’s winter, try building a quimsy or a snowman or try your precision by shooting snowballs at a target (ex. tree) and see how’s the best shooter.
  4. Set up a scavenger hunt and do it together after
  5. Play a scavenger hunt indoors with this website :
  6. Fix yourselves a quick snacks here :
  7. Let’s make our own music video with moves and singing and shoot it all over the house or outside and then we mix it on your computer :
  8. Try a yoga routine from the internet and do it together with the screen (you can download the mp3 for each sequence and make your own playlist with that)
  9. Try building a windsock :
  10. Learn a dance routine on youtube, can be individual, can be swing, salsa, etc.
  11. Make your own coffee house drinks : try a special spiced Chai, a macchiato, etc.
  12. Build a special tent in your livingroom and have a special exotic picnic sitting on cushions and eating with your hands
  13. Take part in social cultural activities near your house. So you’re bored NOW? Pick up the phone call : your local library, the Culture House, the Music Hall, the Movie Theater, local museums, planetarium, aquarium, play theater, ballet, opera house, local bars with live music, dance places for salsa, swing, tango,, your gym, your school’s student services, and see what’s going on right now that you can join, without having to organize anything.
  14. Workout or swim
  15. Make your own podcast and put it online
  16. Be a photojournalist. Pick an event or a theme and go out in the city and build your story.
  17. Be a photograph artist; make a cartoon strip but with photography instead of drawings. Develop a short storyline, with a punchline, make it funny. Then shoot it and make it.
  18. Make a Travel Journal, by drawing sketches, either from a trip you have taken, from a trip you would like to take or from your current city where you live (or your hometown which you miss) and publish it on the internet, like here :
  19. Get with a friend and each read your own cool book that you’re into
  20. Watch a movie, either at home or at the Theater and make your cool popcorn variations like caramel popcorn, pretzels dipped in white chocolate, etc.
  21. Make your own comic strip either by hand or with the computer :
  22. Pick one of the following 100 photography ideas and make your own outstanding artistic project. The beauty of it is you don’t even need your camera — you can use existing pictures!

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