Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | January 5, 2009

Sauerkraut and Sausage, and the milkshake

Here are two extra easy dishes to make.  The beauty of these meals is there are no specific quantities to mix together.  You just look in your fridge, put in the quantities that suit you for each ingredients, and voila!

The Sauerkraut & Sausages

So the first one is you get some saussages (I got the Toulouse ones I believe) and some sauekraut in a tin, and you add boiled potatoes, chopped carrots, a “laurier” leaf, and some oignons and you just heat everything up in some oil, pam, or butter.  It’s ready within ten minutes — and if you want an extra little golden color, you put it in the oven to roast for a little time.  The trick to getting the sauerkraut to stay soft and not all dried up is to cook it next to fat ingredients.  Serve with a Mailles honey flavoured mustard.

Saussages and sauerkraut

The Milkshake
This one is very rich and will make sure you’re not hungry for hours to come.  Basically incorporate into the blender the soy milk or regular milk, fresh rasberries and blue berries, the Yog Junior cereals for a touch of chocolate and a texture of cereals, some jam if it isn’t sweet enough, and there you have it – natural and nutricious.  Drink in small quantities however because the caloric value of this is a bit frightning.



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