Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | December 3, 2008

I Cherish Life

For every day I am alive,
I cherish Life.
For the Sunshine and beauty around me,
And for the sensitivity I have to appreciate it,
I feel grateful.
For every person who cherishes life,
And crosses my path,
I look up to their example,
And feel inspired.
Because life is a Gift,
I take care of it,
By respecting my limits,
And by feeling tenderness towards others.
Because I value life,
I am pro-active every day.
Because Life is a such a precious gift,

I cherish life,
And inspire those I love,
To cherish it too.

– Corina MP

Note: If you’re doing the writer’s workshop challenge, your challenge is to write your own statement.  It can be a poem, it can be a sentence, it can be prose – its goal is to state what you pledge to yourself, to be at your best and happiest you.


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