Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | December 2, 2008

Putting boredome into perspective

If there is one thing that gets me feeling blue or down it is boredome.  From my complete inactivity stems a sort of melancholy, sadness and disappointement every time.  So I thought on the topic and wanted to state two things.
First off, I think it’s the society’s pressure kicking in.  You’re alone on a Friday night at home?  So what.   If you were alone a tuesday morning and it was alright, why is it that Friday night’s situation should make you deadfully feel different?  Don’t worry so much about being “normal” and like everyone else.  Learn to appreciate the breaks you get – if they happen on a Friday night, so be it.  Try to embrace the solitude — there are actually many things I cannot do when my friends are around; I cannot read, I cannot have a foam bath, I cannot cook, I cannot sleep, I cannot draw with people around, I cannot practice piano pieces, I cannot write, and the list goes on.  So you know what?  Try to look at those moments as a priviledged date with yourself and enjoy your own company.  You can’t be surrounded 24/7 with people, and you wouldn’t be happy even if you were – so learn to be comfortable with being alone and do something active and engaging and fun – celebrate that free time you get to spend on whatever YOU feel like doing tonight!  As the saying goes, there is nothing boring, only boring people.

Second, boredom put back into perspective is really not such a bad thing.  There was this story I heard once, about this old lady who was very ill, and she knew she did not have much time left to live.  And so as time went by and she approached her death, she told her son more and more of her one regret in life.  She said: “You know when you were children, and we were at the chalet, we spent such marveleous times playing outdoors.  But on rainy days we were stuck inside and no matter how exciting a game of cards can be we always ended up quite bored by the end of the day, sad that the whether was what it was, disappointed at the day we had had.  But you know what?  I would give up anything to feel bored like that again, instead of ill, or dying, or suffering.  I would give anything to go back in time at those moments – they are my only regret.  They had potential, they were beautiful moments, they were a moment of life when we were healthy, and happy, and without worries”.  This really put things back in perspective for me!


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