Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | December 2, 2008

Light Healthy Snacks I

Some quick snacks or meals to help you gather ideas for cool meals!
*  Yes some things aren’t “healthy” healthy, but in moderation they make for great snacks, are tastier and are more natural than chips and other fast food snacks.

Milkshake with maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, bananas and strawberries
Yog Active cereals with yougurt pearls and fruits
A glass of soy milk
Rice with milk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and wild blueberries
Waffle with honey
Le Petit Beurre with chocolate by Lu
Loacker’s waffers
La Tortina

Carots potage (creme)
Humus with pita bread
Salads of all kinds
Benedictine eggs (with creme and tarragon or cinnamon variant, served on english muffin)
Lentil soup
Quinoa with bell peppers
Mushrooms – marinated, with a hint of lemon
Gaspacho Soup


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