Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | December 1, 2008

Finding peace… right at home

In two days, I found peace.  Two short days where I stopped studying, I stoped worrying about emails and phone calls (only because my cell phone ran out of batteries and I didn’t have my laptop with me).  Instead, I took my time in everything I did.  It turns out finding peace has been a main theme of my life for the past few weeks, along with community and healthy living.  Perhaps all of them are interconnected.  For a little inspiration on how you can find peace without traveling miles and miles away from home, here is my two-days tale.

On Sunday, I went for the first time to a meeting in a cafe I really enjoy.  I did not know the people who were going to show up – I found that group through internet.  The funny thing after a trip around the world is the sudden urge to really be grounded a bit at home.  In a couple of days, it will be exactly one year since I took the plane towards my first destination, China, embarking on a quest for peace, for discovery, for growth and for appreciation of the world around me.  And yet, I do not feel like traveling MORE – I feel like discovering right at home all the little nooks and places I have never known.  So it is that I joined a virtual network with tons of activities going on every month, mixing people of all generations.  We spent 3 hours in that cafe debating on the current economy situation, and our consumption habbits, and the interaction felt very positive.  We then went out to dinner.  I also bought scores on my way for a piece by Satie and the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovski – and I have not been home in two days yet but I cannot wait to try those pieces out.  Then I met up with my boyfriend and we went out for a coffee which was very enjoyable, in a coffee shop that lets you play chess (though we did not play) and ran randomly into a friend of mine – and that was quite a delightful moment we shared with a hot cocoa and nice discussions.  Then my boyfriend and I went to a concert where his brother played and I liked the sketchiness of the place.  There is something irresistibly attractive about intimate, hidden, small non-stream spots in your very own city – it is like discovering a complete underground culture that co-exists alongside the city you have always known.  As my boyfriend mentioned, it would have been very cool to either sketch this or photograph it – I love art inspired from art.  The last concert I went to I in fact did do some gestural lines sketches but I cannot say I do so well when someone else is right besides me – the act of drawing sometimes is a very personal process!  Then we went over to his place and it was wonderful just to fall asleep as the snowflakes fell beautifully in the spotlight of lamps, outside.  Big, fluffly, twirling in the light.

I woke up today after sleeping in – the best feeling in the world.  I felt quasi-rested as I got out of bed, and stared out the huge window to the outside world.  I grabed the cover, heated some lunch from the fridge, and sat on the sofa, wrapped up in the heat of the covers, book in hand.  This book was hard for me to start.  It seemed unappealing and somewhat sad – but Eat, Pray, Love turns out to be spot on the things I have been thinking about lately so it is a nice companionship and trigger for positive thoughts!  I then took a shower, wrote a letter to my bf and left the appartment to an appointment.  Once done, I chose to walk outside, rather than use the metro or bus, to get to the library.  It was dark but the fresh air was good and the Christmas decorations were beautiful outside the warmly-lit homes.  I had just had a light dinner, with dijon-mustard chicken breast strips with carrot salad and a bottle of water so I wasn’t hungry and I was quite happy at my healthy choice.  I got to the library where everyone knows me since I was a child here, and felt quite happy being in an environment this friendly and surrounded by calm and silence and tranquility.  And now I am preparing myself to go to another conference which is given by a totally different group than the one from yesterday – that one is organized by university students reproducing a bit the idea of the cafe-philo, with a different topic explored at every discussion, and today’s topic is personal balance : “What do you mean, I have limits?  I’m not superhuman??”

I like quiet days like that.  I still study but only enough until I get back my strength and can be really productive.  🙂   I love the peacefulness I have felt in the last few days.  And you, do you find some peacefulness in your daily life too?


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