Posted by: Corina Paraschiv | October 21, 2008

The Crucial Break

Ok. My studying isn’t quite going as planned right now.  You may have experienced this especially if your work or studies involve an infamous computer with the irrestible internet connection on and pretty much the devil tempting you the whole time.  How is one expected to actually break this cycle and get on with their day if it’s been somewhat unproductive up until then?

Here’s a trick.  The Crucial Break.  And now, the main point isn’t the break itself.  Cauz being unproductiv is sort of like you have taken a long break since the morning started… and didn’t get anything done.  Appart from the usual “turn your phone/msn/gtalk/emails off” and the “take a break when you need it” recommendation, you need to take one more thing.  And that is : set up things so as to incite you to work.

Here’s what I mean.  Right now : consider the next task you have to accomplish.  For instance, I need to study productively.  Consider what you need, to achieve this.  In my case that is the textbook, the computer and well, my focus.  The last step is quite simple, take a break, and before doing so, set everything up so that when you come back, you know exactly what you have to do.

In my case, that is :

  • Open my textbook at the right chapter
  • Open One Note in the right section
  • Type a to-do list on that main page

And next is get up, have a glass of water, take a nap, play the piano, go for a walk, whatever you want for about five to ten minutes, then get back to your desk, sit down, and just get to it.  You’ll see — the urge to use facebook, msn, gmail, etc. diminishes once you’re all set to just DO the work.  No more fiddling around!

So on that note – I am setting up my One Note, going for a nap, and then off I go with my studying!


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